At Postcode Kids we're passionate about giving back. 20% of every Postcode Kids product goes directly to local charities and community organisations. It's something we're really proud of.


Postcode Tees and Totes


We love to donate locally when we create postcode products. Here's a list of the charities and community organisations who receive donations from postcode products.


2097 - Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten

3000 - Monash Children's Hospital 

3012 - West Welcome Wagon

3013 - West Welcome Wagon

3016 - West Welcome Wagon

3020 - West Welcome Wagon

3021 - West Welcome Wagon

3029 - West Welcome Wagon

3030 - West Welcome Wagon

3044 - Monash Children's Hospital

3036 - Bravehearts Inc.

3169 - Monash Children's Hospital

3175 - Monash Children's Hospital

3182 - St. Kilda Mums

3186 - Brighton South Playhouse

3187 - Brighton South Playhouse

3188 - Brighton South Playhouse

3225 - Point Lonsdale Primary School

3226 - Ocean Grove Primary School

5270 - Mundulla Red Cross

7170 - Royal Hobart Hospital- Children's Unit (Supporting Project 365 by Campbell)


Here's the fun part - If there's no charity/community organisation currently associated with your postcode (in the list above) tell us in your order comments who you'd like donations for your postcode to go to. We'll make contact with them to get it happening. If you don't specify, no worries at all, we’ll make the donation to our principal charity, Monash Children's Hospital.


The Donation Process


We process donations in the first week of each month and send the charity or community organisation a cheque! 

Postcode Kids is a registered fundraiser so we keep accurate records and obtain consent from each of our charities and community organisations to raise funds on their behalf.